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Barbell Weights Vs Olympic Bars – How Dense Are They?


Barbell weights may be larger, harder, and harder to handle than many other home gym equipment options, but if you need to use heavy weight regularly, they are a necessity. If you don’t have the time and the space, you will want to invest in a quality barbell weight collection. You can buy individual barbell weights for many exercises or find weight sets that will fit into your home gym. Weight sets come in a variety of sizes and configurations and you will want one that is right for your needs. Weight sets are also much easier to move around your home gym and use when you need to.

For the most common exercises you will do, small barbell weights are usually adequate. These include squatting, dead lifts, bench pressing, and even the old time classic, chin ups. A pair of dumbbells will usually lift you about six pounds, although you can use free weights for more weight or more reps. It’s important to keep in mind that there is a difference between using free weights and a machine because machines force you to do many more reps to the same weight.

You can also purchase barbell weights for specific exercise or fitness goals such as to lose weight or to build muscle. Some people prefer to use an Olympic barbell weight set, which is essentially two bars that snap together at the end to form a huge bench press. This is typically only done by advanced weight trainers or body builders. For the most basic of gym exercises, a pair of standard barbell weights will usually do it.

There are also Olympic barbell weight sets that only weigh seven pounds, but these are not recommended for beginners or for anyone who is new to the gym. The best way to gauge whether a barbell set is the best option is to just get a couple of them, so that you know if the first one isn’t sturdy enough or heavy enough, or if you’re not going to be able to do more than a few reps with it before you get discouraged. Most people like to start out around forty lbs, so the seven ft bars are ideal for the majority of folks.

Barbell Hanging Weights are also popular for bodybuilders or other individuals who are trying to add a lot of weight to their strength training regimen. These are by far the hardest of the three different styles of hanging weights. They require a lot more skill and effort than standard bars. The standard bars can weigh anywhere from forty to seventy pounds, while hangers can weigh anywhere from seventy five pounds to a hundred pounds. Barbell hangers are also much heavier than standard bars, sometimes weighing in the hundreds.

When purchasing a barbell set, it’s important to make sure it’s the correct weight for your goal. The diameter of the bar is important because it determines how much weight can be handled safely. The O-ring size is important because it controls the way the bar hangs from the frame, as well as whether or not it’s a good balance when using the device.


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