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Children’s Books with Characters Who Have Physical Disabilities


Their adventure is different than either could have imagined but profoundly life-changing for them both. As we’ll see in the following stories, everyone notices differences. So it’s up to us to discuss and help our children learn about disabilities without stigmas. Today, we would find it appalling, unacceptable, unfair if people with Down syndrome were not allowed to go to school. But we need to remember that wasn’t always the case.

Literature, art and culture have always been tools of enlightenment and knowledge. Exposing children to books that have a disability theme or disabled characters ensures a future generation devoid of discrimination and exclusion. Kids with sensory issues have many hurdles in life. For children with sensory processing disorder , going to the dentist is particularly daunting.

This story is about restorative friendship, facing your fears, and discovering your true potential. This meaningful story will tug at your heartstrings. It’s narrated by Ellie a girl who loves to bake, who has CP, cerebral palsy, and who rolls through life in a wheelchair. She hates having an aid at school who’s supposed to help her with everything, even going to the bathroom.

One of the very best places to start introducing our kids to other children with Down syndrome is in the comfort of your own home. Allowing them to boldly dialogue and ask questions gives them the agency to be curious about Down syndrome. Not only is it informative, but it opens up the conversation to ask about other ways people around them can be different – and why that makes us all special. They have no idea, but want to help them understand? And realise how she does not quite understand what is what.

Gusti floods you with his son’s life and presence and day-to-day activities. The book is full of comics about their daily routine and interviews with family members. His wife talks openly about how she worried for Mallko early on because she knew his dad was “having trouble understanding”.

When I started reading books for this list, I didn’t realize there was an Elephant and Piggie books starring kids with this disability about children learning to play with others who are differently abled. What happens when Piggie and Gerald play ball with a snake? As you might guess, a lot of learning and understanding.

“ His mom suggests that Charley introduce himself to Emma because everyone wants friends. Charley apologizes for what he said at first and asks Emma questions. Emma helps Charley know that even though she’s a little “differenter” than he is, she’s a lot the same, too. For example, Emma likes to play on the playground, swing, play tag, and just like Charley, draw! This compassionate story models the importance of accepting differences with kindness and openheartedness. This is another book that isn’t specifically about Down Syndrome but is about general acceptance and understanding for children that can really help kids come together no matter what differences there are.

Surrounding images also show that letter in sign language, upper and lower case type, and an illustration of the featured object. Here, Haddon identifies that disability is the key he uses to create conflict, and he isn’t the only one. The Down Syndrome Novel refers to a novel that builds the scaffolding of plot and story around the inclusion of a character with Down syndrome, making this character necessary for the plot. If you remove the character with Down syndrome from the narrative, the plot caves in. Sarah Kanake received funding from the Australian Post-graduate Awards to research representations of Down syndrome in fiction. There’s so much to do before showtime – choosing the right musical, auditions, rehearsal, costume and set design – but Ali can do anything with her family and friends.

We filled this book list with wonderful stories about kindness plus ways for everyone to become kinder so we can together make our world a better place to live. By reading the interactive story describing Sam’s visit to his dentist with their children prior to the appointment, children know what to expect and remain calmer during their own appointments. Hi, please include the book “”Meet Will and Jake, Best Buds Forever!”” this book was written by a parent’s group and our Infant Development Program. It features best buds who like a lot of the same things and each have their own interests and strengths. Will doesn’t care if Jake has an extra chromosome. It explains a bit about Down syndrome, talks about inclusion, shares the message that we’re all more alike than different, and reinforces an anti-bullying mentality.

Corky Thatcher, a character with Down syndrome, who was played by Chris Burke, an actor with Down syndrome? As a public-school speech-language therapist at the time, who worked with students with Down syndrome, I thought, “Yay! At last, our TV shows, movies, and books will finally begin to be more inclusive as they feature people with Down syndrome. In these books, either the main character or a secondary character has a disability. Many of the books feature disability as the main storyline, but it’s not central to the plot in others. These kids’ books feature main and secondary characters with disabilities that may or may not be central to the plot.


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