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Our Executive Protection Professionals are experts at providing effective personal protective details and counterespionage services, which not only provide physical security but also ensure the privacy and personal security of our clients. From the first point of contact to the final destination, Cambridge Security delivers seamless and discrete protection. Businessmen, celebrities, professional athletes, and aircrews are assured safe transport domestically and abroad.

This double or triple hatting can take a considerable strain on the operative but delivers added service value. Of course, the EPA fulfilling these service roles has the advantage of knowing what the next move should be and what to expect throughout any given day but it can distract from the primary role of security. The reason why the security sector charges a daily rate per agent hired is because there is an extraordinary amount of activity involved in mobilizing a single agent for any event security mission that the client does not see. Those activities include, but are not limited to sourcing and selecting the appropriate agent for the mission, intelligence and logistical preparations and execution, and mission planning and execution. That means, whether a client requests coverage for only an hour or twelve hours during a single duty day, the cost to hire and mobilize that agent is the full daily rate. Executive protection is a form of personal security service that can be either overt, covert, or a combination of the two depending on the circumstances and objective.

Executive protection is not just protection from physical harm, but protection from any potentially adverse acts or results that involve the executive. When the overseas event is attended also by a higher ranking person, such as the President of the United States, leadership of the protection program will be provided by the organization of the higher ranking person. In such an event, the protective force of the company will be subordinated to the leader of protection for the senior person.

Our elite event security protection solutions include detailed planning and advance preparations using the latest counter-surveillance methods, as well as protective intelligence analysis and reporting, in conjunction with physical security. And two, not every situation requires an executive protection agent. Which means you have to do whatever it takes to keep them safe in a world that’s becoming increasingly dangerous. MAX Operations specialists have the experience, the logistical know-how and the street smarts to protect your C-level staff in even the most volatile parts of the globe. Whatever the nature of the mission, whatever business you’re in, we’ve been there. Our security officers have a reputation for being professional, prepared, and responsive.

It is a criminal offence for operatives not to have a valid front-line close protection licence. The situation in the United States is very different because executive protection services are regulated at the state level. Regulations vary but most states require a licence, insurance and training. Firearms regulations differ across the country but a private executive protection agent bearing arms will generally need a separate concealed carry permit. All of Hyperion’s executive protection agents and security advisors are seasoned protective security operators who possess prior military training and direct combat experience.


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