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The Importance of SMART Training Solutions


SMART Training Solutions offers professional development for individuals who work with the public sector. “SMART Training is the key to a successful career in the UK public sector,” says Professor Peter Spencer of King’s College London, author of Public Services: Creating Success. “Training is not just about acquiring knowledge and skill, but is also about building capabilities and confidence so that employees can help the public and take on more responsibility. In the ever-changing and demanding environment of the public sector, training and development are absolutely vital to stay ahead of the game.”

The process of hiring is one of the most important decisions an organisation makes, but it is also one of the trickiest. Choosing the right person for a job can sometimes be very difficult. Research has found that there are several different personality types and qualities which make each person suitable for certain positions in certain industries. By using a multi-disciplinary approach and combining the right candidates with the right training solutions, an organisation ensures that it gets the most out of its employees. This is the core of smart management and is the core of SMART Training Solutions.

SMART Training Solutions is designed for a range of different roles. “SMART Training for Assistants is ideal for candidates working in the Fire Service and in Police authority,” explains Richard James of AIMS Security, a leading provider of security training solutions. “The role of an assistant is to either provide a supportive service or act as an intermediary between a client and agency, or someone else within the organisation. Either way, an assistant will require the necessary skills to perform their role well.” An example of such a role might be a member of staff who is required to deal with clients in a confidential or sensitive way. Let us know more information about SMART Training Solutions.

Many organisations have a need for SMART Training Solutions in their various departments. “We have a requirement for a full-time counsellor in a women’s and men’s support service in our local area,” says Peter Bright of AIMS Solicitors in Hertfordshire. “This role requires extensive training, as we will need someone who can provide a sensitive and sympathetic ear to those that come to our services. Someone who can listen and help, without being intrusive or having a ‘take the lead’ attitude.” Such professionals need specific training in social work and people skills, as well as effective communication and leadership skills.

SMART Training Solutions can also come in the form of web-based training modules. “We use a lot of online training modules for both the Fire Service and the police,” says Bright. “We have a very active online presence, as well as a dedicated helpline – both of which can be really useful for those that might require a hand from these professionals.”

“In an increasingly connected and mobile world, training solutions can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, which makes them particularly valuable for the NHS,” says Bright. However, he says that they are also particularly valuable for those people who are “on the outside looking in” – for example, when applying for a job, or trying to get into a business. “I know how those outside looking in can sometimes be feeling isolated and unsupportive.” Such professionals need the assurance of knowing that they can turn to others when they need it most, and that help is available.


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