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How Can Purchasing Septic Tank Cleaning Insurance Protect Your Business?


As the owner of a septic tank cleaning business, you offer an invaluable service to your customers: you get rid of their clogged septic pipes, make sure that they’re in good working order, and dispose of their sewage waste in a safe and hygienic fashion. Septic system technicians also repair, excavate, install and cleanse underground drainage and storage systems. You don’t need a lot of training to learn how to perform these tasks. Almost any average-sized town will have a handful of septic tank cleaning businesses in operation. In larger towns, there may be even more. A septic system business is only part of what you can do though.

While it’s true that most septic tank cleaning insurance policies won’t cover the actual cost of pumping out clogged drains, they do cover the cost of installing them. This kind of maintenance is necessary for many companies. That’s why they offer this kind of insurance. Septic tank companies are also able to offer coverage to their clients for damages caused by weather damage to their tanks, because companies that clean and service septic tanks are sometimes not available during normal business hours. This kind of hurricane insurance can be a life saver for business owners who can’t afford to pay for repairs, even if they cost less than the regular price of repairs.

If your company carries a small amount of general liability insurance, it won’t be very useful to purchase septic tank cleaning insurance to cover the expenses related to frequent cleanings. When a customer calls about problems with clogged drains, broken pipes, or other problems, the company will already have plenty of coverage in place. Customers won’t usually call with concerns over the environment or about health risks associated with poor-quality sanitation. The safety of customers is usually the number one priority of any company, and buying septic tank cleaning insurance doesn’t increase the safety level that much.

There’s another potential pitfall to purchasing septic tank cleaning insurance. Some insurance companies might require that you also get an additional rider that requires the contractors who install your toilets and sinks to carry insurance as well. If you buy insurance and then add in an additional rider, you’re increasing your liability exposure, which means that you might end up paying more money for your policy.

It’s not enough to simply look for liability insurance. You’ll also want to make sure that your cleaning contractors are also protected by liability and cyber liability policies. These types of policies will help protect you if a client causes a problem at your facility, but it’s also possible that a contractor could cause problems while using your pipes. An insurance policy can help you protect yourself and your business against these types of lawsuits.

A company’s reputation is often tied to how well they treat their customers. If you’re working with a dirty, outdated system, a dirty contractor, or if your facilities have a long history of service issues, these issues might weigh against your business. You can avoid these kinds of problems by making sure that your contractors have liability coverage and other types of protection. With the right amount of insurance and the right contractor, you can increase the profitability and the safety of your business.


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