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How King Soopers Can Take Advantage Of The Holidays


The holiday season is upon us once again and in the run up to the big day many small businesses are struggling with their marketing strategies. This is a big job on the shoulders of a small local business, and so many entrepreneurs are looking to King Soopers for help. After all, they have plenty of expertise in this area, having launched the popular Sooper’s gift cards and vouchers in more than 30 countries. They are experts in email marketing and are constantly looking for new ways to increase the amount of traffic visiting their websites. So, how can you capitalize on their experience? You can get here.

In the run up to Christmas Eve, the King Soopers website will be filled with offers and deals. They will advise customers to visit their local store to take advantage of the offers on offer. They may also advise people to shop online as the deals will be better. That said, many small businesses choose to do this well in advance, which means that by the time of the Christmas eve they will already have a number of sales going on. In order to take advantage of these promotions, a local store needs to ensure that they have the suitable marketing strategy in place in order to keep up with the trends.

When it comes to keeping ahead with the latest trends, the traditional way of doing things is to consult with their local store manager or marketing director. However, in an increasingly competitive world, the internet is king and so is the Sooper’s Christmas day deals website. By staying abreast of the most important developments going on, such as seasonal deals and special deals, the local store has the chance to build their brand name and image. Indeed, many business owners find that the way that they treat their customers reflects greatly on their business and so getting to know their customers by sending them promotional material is crucial.

A good example of how a local store can get on top by using the internet is by creating a blog – this allows for regular updates, discussion areas and a means of seeking feedback from customers. Another way that many businesses use the internet in order to remain on top is by using social media. Quite simply, most social media sites allow users to upload images, post short messages and create a platform for customers and other businesses to communicate. In turn, many customers will not only be interested in receiving regular updates on special deals, events and new products, but may also find that they like to spread the word about other concerns within their community.

As well as using social media sites to keep up to date, the marketing team at a King Soopers store should also ensure that they are taking the opportunity to interview customers and clients. Doing so will give the business owner a greater understanding of what the public wants and how they are feeling about the business. This may even result in a change in direction as the owner will be able to tailor their communications to meet the desires of their customers. The internet is not only a great way of keeping in touch with current customers, but it is also the perfect place to establish strong relationships with future clients.

By establishing consistent marketing strategies throughout the holiday season and ensuring that all staff are aware of the various marketing tools available, a King Soopers can stay ahead of its competitors and achieve fantastic success. The biggest mistake that many companies make during this time of year is to focus solely on their email marketing campaign. Emails are far from being an effective way of communicating during the busy festive periods, and many firms will discover that their in-store advertising has a far greater impact on customers. Instead of simply inundating customers with sales offers, coupons and advertisements, King Soopers stores should go out in search of unique promotions that will catch the attention of holiday shoppers. These will result in a significant rise in overall customer satisfaction and ultimately improve profitability.


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