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How to Get More Facebook Like-Counter Links


Get 1000 likes on instagram, even if it’s in the past tense. The word “like” can be used when sharing an image on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you like a page, you will see a badge on your profile page that allows you to add the link to your page. To get more likes and comments on your page, there are a few ways to increase your visibility. Some of them are listed below.

Use the Like and Share button in your Facebook and Twitter pages. Whenever you add a page, people are given the option to like or share a picture. If a page doesn’t have a button for this, you can place one by adding it to your profile. Then, every time someone adds a new friend or guest, they will see the Like button. This will drive lots of followers to your page, as they will want to show their friends they like you as well.

Use an image hosting site to host images. There are several popular sites to host images including Blogspot and Picasa. You will need to set up an account at the site in order to upload images, but once you do, it’s easy to keep track of how many page views your images are getting. You can also use an image-hosting account to boost the number of likes and comments on your page.

Add an image gallery to your page. Not only will it drive lots of page views, it will also show off your taste to your friends. Every time they open a page, they will see your gallery images. This is a great way to boost your business by showcasing what you think about creative goods and services.

Add images to your blog posts. It’s very easy to upload images to your blog posts. Just go to post/feed and then choose to upload images from your computer. You may want to put your most popular images at the top or in the top left corner for the best effect.

Try using the Google page-counter service. You can find this service at Google’s site. The page-counter will tell you which parts of your page are the most popular with people. It will also show you what parts of your page are the least popular. Use this to optimize your pages.

Get involved with forums. There are tons of message boards on the Internet, and many of them have small discussion forums. Join these forums, and post your comments on the topics. You will not only gain new contacts, but you may be able to link to ads that are posted by other marketers. These ads are usually targeted to specific markets, so you will likely get some decent results.

Try social media. There are dozens of social media sites out there, each with millions of members. Many of these social media pages will give you the option to get others to post a like or comment on your page. If you can get enough like-counter users to post a like on your page, you can easily get lots of page views.


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