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Things to Do in Data Analysis


Data analysis is one of the most important and interesting things to do in data mining. However, it may not be very easy especially if you do not know what you are doing. Data analysis could be the key to win the game for you or your business. There are many things to do in data analysis, but in this article I will talk about three main points.

The first thing to do in data mining is to gather data. You need to have a large enough data set to make statistical analysis possible. If you are just starting your career in data mining you will probably start with small data sets. As you go on and learn more things you will gather bigger data sets. One of the best way to collect data is to use a special software tool known as a Raxford grid. It is actually a grid which gives you the mean and standard deviation values for every observation. You can know more about data analysis here things to do in Orlando FL.

The second thing to do in data mining is to make analysis easier. Basically, you need to make things more manageable. So, in analysis you would have to deal with large amounts of data, average data size, odd number of observations, normal distribution of data type (normal, log, probability distribution, binomial) and lots more. If you try to analyze data like this manually you will definitely face many problems.

The third thing to do in data mining is to filter and sort your data. This is actually a very easy thing to do. Just some of the tools used to make this easier are: the data cleansing packages, the supervised learning algorithm, the feature extraction package, the principal components analysis and the principal components visualizer.

Of course we are not talking about things to do in data analysis that should be done only by trained analysts. Actually this is the primary data analysis stage. The last step is the prediction of results. Now it is very important for us to mention that it is very difficult to make this prediction correctly and this step is best left for the experts.

The main goal of any research is to make the researcher more accurate. So, if you want to do in data mining you should spend much time on practicing all the things mentioned above. It will make you a better analyst in the end. Also, do not be afraid. You are definitely not losing anything by trying all these things.


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