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Why Do Teens Play Video Games?


Online 안전놀이터 video games have become very popular with today’s youth. It is easier to play online than it is to buy a game for your home, and you don’t have to go anywhere to do it. Online video games are so common that most parents find it hard to get their children to go out and play outside anymore. It has been suggested that online gaming may have a negative effect on children’s health, but studies haven’t entirely dismissed this idea.

A lot of research has been done in this area, and the results are not all that good. Many of the tests done have shown that kids who play video games tend to have lower grades in school. Another study actually found that the kids who played online video games developed lower levels of self-esteem. But what’s really surprising is the fact that it didn’t seem to matter which type of game they played, as long as they were playing. This might mean that the social skills that kids learn by interacting with other people are being delayed.

The results of these studies seem pretty devastating if you think about it, but it doesn’t mean that parents should stop their kids from playing multiplayer online video games. It seems more important to find ways for your kids to interact with each other in a healthy way. Playing online with friends or other kids your own age can help you develop the social skills that you need. This can help you as a parent understand how important those social skills are going to be when they get older.

Parents often don’t pay attention to the social rules that surround video games. For instance, it is perfectly acceptable to talk about sex in a game like Mass Effect, but not okay to mention that it’s best to avoid romance in a game like Zelda. Basically, the only rule that applies is that the game needs to have some kind of social interaction. You don’t want to kill someone and then restart the game to try and explain that it was a mistake. If there are other options, like cheats or unlimited lives, then you should encourage your kids to play with them. This way they will get a better idea of what the rules of the game are and can try out different things without getting in trouble.

Online gaming seems to have a lot to do with the increase in school shootings among teens. There have even been several reports that boys are spending more time playing video games than girls. It is becoming a problem that is clearly linked to bullying and other issues that face our youth today.

Fortunately, there is something parents can do to help prevent this problem. One of the ways that parents can encourage their children to play video games is to create a schedule for times when they all can log on to the computer at the same time. This way, when boys come home from school, they all have a set time to play video games. You may also want to teach your teens how to turn off their wireless Internet connection when they are not in their bedrooms. Finally, you should monitor how often they play video games, particularly if they are spending too much time playing some violent ones.


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